Telecom Billing

MTNL Mumbai is the largest telecom service provider in Mumbai with the customer base of around 20 Lakhs subscriber. MTNL is offering various services like LAND line, Internet, VOIP service, IPTV service, Trunk call system, PRM System, Free Phone Service and Lease Circuit service etc.

The entire process from sales to work provisioning, pre connection, post connection, billing and accounting activities is managed by system called Customer Service Management System (CSMS). We manage and develop new features to the CSMS system

Telecom Billing Software Main Modules

  • Subscriber Interface Module
  • Contact Management
  • Subscriber Record Card Maintenance
  • Work Provisioning
  • Work Commissioning
  • Billing Module
  • Payment Module
  • Call Centre Module
  • Accounting Module
  • MIS Reports